Proof of Purchases

Our business model

There are mainly 3 main processes involved (Buy,Delivery,Training):

  1. Buy (How KKInstruments help our customers to buy the right instruments?)
    A. You can browse through our online catalog. Study the choices closely. Find the product you want.
    B. Visit our showroom to see the real product and clarify further with our product engineer.
    C. Call to request a site visit. However, this is subject to the availability of our engineers. KKI tries to remove this option because the process is cost-intensive.
    Staff involved: Sales engineer,Branch Admin.
  2. Delivery (How can you receive your goods from KKInstruments?)

 A. You can cash and carry from our shops.
 B. You issue a PO and make payment.We courier the item to you with tracking no.
Staff involved: Branch Admin.

  3.  Training (What if you do not know how to use the item?)

A. Training session can be arranged. Free or chargeable ? Please check with us.
Staff involved: Sales engineer,Branch Admin.


*KKInstruments always makes sure our customers get the product based on their needs, budget. The product that is not only genuine but reliable. We do not sell products that is cheap but does not work to a minimum standards.



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