Portable Medical Cooler/Fridge

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CIA550A-BC-1500AV2 LARGE PORTABLE MEDICAL BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATOR/ FRIDGE (280MM*170MM*195MM,2~8C,8HRS) Portable for vaccine, biological, blood, specimen or other heat-sensitive medication distribution and turnover on outdoors Suitable for individual, immunization stations, health centers, CDC, Bureau of Animal Husbandry, etc. Portable Medical Cooler/Fridge
CIA550B-BC-170AV2 MINI PORTABLE MEDICAL BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATOR/ FRIDGE (187*80*68MM, 2~8C,24HRS) New Cooler and Insulin Packs is highly portable and delicate pocket size, light weight, smooth edges and corner, delicate shape, making you carry it conveniently and enjoy its fashion design. Multiple power supply,DC12-24V(Vehicle power),AC100-240v,7.4V battery(batteries working time is around 12 hours),three power supplies make you carry medicine anywhere and anytime. Environment friendly Adopt thermoelectirc refrigeration technology, Feron-free. Simple operation?Equip with large LCD... Portable Medical Cooler/Fridge