Gauss meters

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ALP102-GM2V2 ST DC GAUSS METER MODEL (UP TO 30K GAUSS) W/ ST UNIVERSAL PROBE Manufactured in the USA  Laboratory gaussmeter that reads field, true peak field, AC field, and has an alarm. Range is 30,000 gauss. ST (range: 0.1-30k G): Universal (flexible), ST Axial, ST Thin-Transverse (non-flexible) Gauss meters
ALP101-GM1-STV2 DIGITAL DC GAUSSMETER -MANUFACTURED IN USA The Gaussmeter Model GM1-ST measures the field of even the strongest magnet (to 20kG) down to fine resolution (0.1G). Features rapid turn-on and fast update. This model supersedes the MD1-ST, which had no auto-zero Gauss meters
TEN015-Gauss Magnetic Field Meter Product Description Can measure DC and AC(40-500Hz) magnetic field. 2. DC N/S polarity of magnetic field display. 3. After machine component are processed, remain the magnetism to measurement. 4. Magnetic application products, the intensity of magnetic field measurement. 5. After processing the stress with stainless steel material, remain the measurement of the magnetism 6. Magnetic force measurement of the magnetisable material. 7. Various steel products brought magnetic measurement... Gauss meters