Heat Stress Meter

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KES0006-K4500 Weather Meter (Optional wind direction/recorder)) Heading (true & magnetic) Wind direction Crosswind Headwind/tailwind Altitude Pressure trend Barometric pressure Wet bulb temperature Relative humidity in % Heat stress index  Dewpoint Density altitude Wind chill Air, water, and snow temperature °F or °C Current, average, and maximum air velocity Waterproof and floats Time and date Easy- to-read backlit display Data Logger (automatic and manual) Customizable data storage - 2900 data points Minimum, Maximum and... Airflow meters
TEN880D-TM-188D HEAT STRESS WBGT METER WITH TEMP/RH/DEW POINT - Dataloggin, Quick-response capacitance sensor, accurate measurement for wet bulb globe temperature(WBGT), black globe temperature(TG), humidity(%RH), air temperature(TA), wet bulb(WET) and dew point(DEW). - Max/Min and data hold. - Low battery indication. - LCD display with LED backlight. - Viewing data records. - Switch the temperature unit to ℃ or ℉. - Brass black ball in 50mm diameter. - WBGT alarm setting. - Auto power off with disable function. - Data logging capacity: 12000... Portable humidity meters