Phase sequence indicators

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KYO0071-Kyoritsu 8031CE Phase Indicator   • Phase Indicator with open phase checker • Phase indicator designed to check the presence of open phase and also the phase sequence by rotating disk and lamps. • Can check a wide range of 3-phase power source from 110V to 600V. Phase sequence indicators
KYO0146-Kyoritsu 8031F Phase Rotation Tester with fused test leads • KEW8031F is designed to check phase sequence.Lamps provided on the unit will also tell you if a phase is open. • Can check a wide range of 3-phase power source from 110V to 600V.Sealed against dust, the unit ensures trouble-free performance. • Small, Lightweight and portable.Designed for maximum ease of operation and ruggedness. • No exposed metal parts, Safety features are incorporated including the instant push button switch operation. Phase sequence indicators
KYO0149-8035 Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator • New technology permits safe testing, without the need of direct contact between probes and live wires. • The insulated crocodile clips can clip insulated cables from φ2.4 to 30mm. • Phase rotation is indicated by the rotary illumination of LEDs and logical audible tones. • The instrument can be fixed to a metal panel via the magnet on the back side. • Wide measuring range for 3 phase installations from 70V to 1000V AC. • Super... Phase sequence indicators
SEW0049-4183 CP CABLE PHASING METER ● Safely operates at low voltage ● Measures system voltage. ● Measures capacitance of test point if system voltage is known. ● Checks phase rotation of cables. ● Phases out cables. ● Rugged - comes with portable case. ● Operates from potential test point of elbow connectors. ● Battery operated. Phase sequence indicators
SEW0016-NON CONTACT SAFETY PHASE SEQUENCE DETECTOR WITH MAGNETIC BACK COVER,LED-1 YEAR WARRANTY FEATURES ● This is a Non-Contact phase detector with flashing LEDs     and a beeping buzzer to show the detection of AC 3-phase     sequence. ● Two functions in one unit: phase sequence and phase sequence /     rotation. ● Convenient brightness switch to make the indication visible in dim     areas or sunlight. ● Back cover magnet attaches the instrument to the AC distribution     panel offer easy... Phase sequence indicators
SEW0031-895PR NON CONTACT PHASE ROTATION METER FEATURES ● Non-contact detector clips. No metal contact points to advocate    greater safety. ● Dual functions : open phase and phase sequence detection. ● Designed for checking a wider range of 3-phase power sources. ● LED display lights with buzzer indicator. ● Brightness button feature for better visibility in dimly lit areas or    sunlight. ● Magnetic mounting feature.     SPECIFICATIONS Measurement... Phase sequence indicators