Thickness gauges(ultra-sonic)

Application: Accurately measuring remaining wall thickness of metal pipes, tanks, beams, ship hulls, and other structures through paint and similar coatings.

Background: In many industrial and petrochemical maintenance situations it is necessary to measure the remaining thickness of metal that is subject to corrosion through one or more coats of paint or similar non-metallic coatings. With conventional ultrasonic thickness gages, the presence of paint or similar coatings will cause measurement errors, typically increasing the apparent metal thickness by more than twice the thickness of the paint, due to the paint's much slower sound velocity. Two solutions to this problem are available: echo-to-echo measurement and Thru-Coat measurement.

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NIC0008-CM-8826FN DIGITAL PAINT COATING THICKNESS GAUGE WITH CABLE Operating principle: magnetic induction/eddy current (F/NF) Measuring range:0-1250um/0-50mil Resolution; 0.1/1 Accuracy: 3%n or 5um Paint coating thickness gauges(ultrasonic)
NIC0007-CM-8801FNV2 DIGITAL PAINT COATING THICKNESS GAUGE NIC0007 CM-8801FNV2 NEW DIGITAL PAINT COATING THICKNESS GAUGE ON FERROUS/NON-FERROUS BASED METALS Applications: Automotive Trade This is a great tool for car dealerships, used car buyers, appraisers, insurance agents, body shops and collision centers. It will allow you to measure the paint thickness and to identify parts of the car that might have been repaired and repainted. This might indicate previous, unreported accidents which impact the value of an used car, minivan or... Paint coating thickness gauges(ultrasonic)
NIC2001-CM-8855 PAINT COATING THICKNESS GAUGE METER COMPLETE W/ FEROUS/NON-FEROUS PROBES This Coating Thickness Meter  is an ideal gauge for automotive and painting applications.It uses magnetic induction and eddy current principle to measure thickness of magnetic and non-magnetic surface and detect the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate (ferrous, F) or an insulating coating on a non-magnetic conductive substrate (non-ferrous, NF). Paint coating thickness gauges(ultrasonic)
ELE3100-ELEKTROPHYSIC QUINTSONIC ULTRASONIC PAINT COATING FOR NON-METAL/METAL BASE Application Non-destructive measurement of: Paint, plastic, enamel and other insulating coatings applied on wood, plastic, glass and ceramic Polymer layers on metal Performance features Measurement of the total thickness as well as the individual layer thickness of a multi-layer system in only one operation High accuracy and reproducibility Storage and documentation of measuring values Memory capacity: Maximum 10,000 measuring values in maximum 500 batches Measuring range... Paint coating thickness gauges(ultrasonic)
NIC0007B-ENHANCED DIGITAL COATING THICKNESS GAUGE FOR METAL BASE (FERROUS/ NON-FERROUS) DESCRIPTION This compact gauge can be used for non-destructive coating thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings, e.g. paint, enamel, chrome on steel, and insulating coatings, e.g. paint and anodizing coatings on non-ferrous metals. The internal probe can work on both principles, magnetic induction and the eddy currents. The probe can automatically detect the substrates type (Magnetic or not), and calculate the coating thickness and display it fast. There are five data groups, and readings... Paint coating thickness gauges(ultrasonic)
TIM001C-DIGITAL ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGE FOR METAL/NON-METAL MATERIALS-0.75MM~225.0MM-W SOFTWARE Features 1.Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material,  including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass and   other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials. 2.Transducer models are available for special application, including for coarse grain material and high temperature applications. 3.Probe-Zero function, Sound-Veloctiy-Calibration function. 4.Two-Point Calibration function. 5.Coupling status Indicator showing the coupling status. 6.Battery... Metal/Non-metal thickness gauges (ultrasonic)
TMT114-CROSS HATCH CUTTER Specifications H cross hatch cutter is applicable to determine the adhesion of organic coatings by cross-hatching. This instrument is designed for assessing the resistance of paint or related coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angle lattice oattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate. The Cross Hatch Cutters conform with the requirements of :BS 3900 E6;BS/EN ISO 2409;ASTM D 3359;GB/T 9286, ,it is economy. Main Technical Parameters: 1.Six working... CROSS HATCH CUTTER